Arapahoe Sheriff Dept K9 Unit

  • A day set aside to say “Thank you”! In addition to the K-9 Unit Fundraiser, enjoy the indoor, outdoor and Ultimate Range actiivities. Check out Activities & Schedule to see all of your options first-hand.
  • Spin to Win: Everyone spins! Bonus spin with a K-9 donation.
  • If you are interested in volunteering, please pick a time slot and fill out the form.
  • Learning about our Local Heroes, and your Community is an investment in your future and you want to know the Firearms Festival is with trusted partners.


How you're helping!

Our Local Heroes have a need for ongoing training and equipment. Through YOUR generosity, together, we’ll be able to provide additional support to the Arapahoe Sheriff and K-9 “Wish List”.
Wish List:
  1. Revamp the K9 training area with astroturf and equipment
  2. Ballistic carriers with plates (handler)
  3. Ballistic helmets (handler)
  4. Communication equipment
  5. Avon Gas mask
  6. Training expenses
  7. Gastropexy surgeries
  8. Protective vests
  9. Medical First aid class for the dogs
  10. Medical kits for the dogs
  11. Glock 34 with RMR (since K-9 deputies can’t deploy a long rifle, it would be nice to have a weapon with an optic on it.)

Ultimate Range Experience

A Full Range of Adventure
  • Purchase the $25 full participation Ultimate Range Experience wristband and come and see what all the excitement is about with new systems, our all new Video Action Range and Vendor Firearms Promotions.

  • Range 1: Statesman Range: The V.A.S.T. – Video Action Shooting Target

  • Range 2: Reactive target systems, Dueling Tree, Polycase Ammo

  • Range 3: Target Worx-Tuller Drill, Range System Red Head pop-up targets, Vendor demos

  • Range 4: Vendor demos

Gunsmith Specials

Watch the video to see the specials or read below:


1) Schedule for Gun Questions 11am and 2pm
“Ask the Gunsmith”  Bring in your questions about guns, gunsmithing etc. to one of our 4 on-staff Gunsmiths during the Firearms Festival and we’ll help get them answered. Whether it’s questions about shotguns, rifles or handguns, accurizing, maintenance or customizing our experienced staff will lend their expertise to getting your questions answered.


2) Gun Trade-in promo
Bring in your trade(s) and receive a 10% bonus towards the purchase of another firearm during the Firearms Festival.

3) Colo Parks & Wildlife
Come meet with one of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife representatives and learn more about the CPW & the important jobs they do.

4) Tech Time Promo
Book One-on-One Tech Time with one of our Gunsmiths
$20 for each 15 minute block of time

5) Evaluations – Bring in that old gun
“Got an old gun that’s been in the family for years but not sure just what you have? Feel free to bring it in and we’ll be happy to give it a courtesy inspection and tell you more about its history and value.” ( Written appraisals start at $45)

6) Signature Certified – 10% off select “Signature Certified” used hunting and sporting guns.

Warren Watson Book Signing
Visit with world class Sporting Clays shooter and master instructor Warren Watson. He will be giving advice on shotgunning and he will be signing his new book, ” Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind”.

Able Shepherd

Elite Self-Defense Training
Able Shepherd Demos- Family & Personal Safety 
  • Special Offer- Discounted COMBO SPECIAL = P.O.P. (Protect Our People) CLASS and WELCOME TO ABLE SHEPHERD CLASS DEAL. $200 for both classes!
  • ALSO FREE P.O.P. Class giveaways on the hour! A $200 Value each hour!

A Free P.O.P. (Protect Our People) Class will be given away every hour from 11am to 3pm – $200 VALUE EVERY HOUR! 

  • What is your potential role in the event of an Active Shooter Situation or violent attack on your family? 
  • Hourly demos conducted to showcase a trained immediate response to protect you and your loved ones. There will be ample time for any questions that follow.  
  • Able Shepherd, phase 4 Certified students will be on hand to address questions and share their success stories!  
  • The immediate “Local Hero” for you and your family may be you!


Something for Everyone
  • With a friendly smile, wonderful Community VendorsManufacturers and Reps are here to offer support! Stop by, meet them under the tent and inside. See their contributions to our community!
  • Text-in to Win: 6 Firearms will be given away, every hour, on the hour 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM . *Must be 21 or older to win
  • If you’re unsure about any part of the Festival there are many volunteers and Centennial staff available to help you. Explore the events in a complementary schedule of activities and map. We support you always.


Keen Edge Training Knives

The Leading Edge in Training Knives
  • Renowned knifemaker Steve Rollert is an instructor for the Professional Knifemakers Association and delivers incredible real-life knife making demonstrations.
  • There will be a 2.5 hour knife making demo in the am and one in the pm.

Community Blood Drive

Convenient opportunity at the Firearms Festival
  • Your role in the world matters. You’re part of something bigger than yourself. A source of life pulsing within us has the power to transform another life. Renewing and exponential, this gift is a source of healing. Survival. Second chances. Moments. Time. A future. There is no greater gift.
  • See if you’re eligible to donate here!


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